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BEHIND IT Magazine© is creating a complete and defined universe for life experiences across the art world. Embracing both printed and digital platforms, BEHIND IT Magazine© celebrates the glamour of renowned personalities, fashion designers and notable entrepreneurs. The life experience through the art!. 

With an optimum visual quality and a refined layout, this publication is aimed at a specialized audience that is on a constant search for cutting-edge concepts, stunningly editorials and exclusive interviews. A way to view styles of fashion through aesthetic sensibility and visual poetry.  BEHIND IT Magazine© celebrates the real life stories of up-and-coming artists, established designers and worldwide filmmakers. 

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& Respecting the high quality standards of the editorial publishing!

For all our creative directors, publishers, models and contributors, we will require the editorial work and individual pictures in TIFF or RAW format-High resolution in at least 4MB as minimun size. We’d appreciate all the final images with a complete finished process in their retouch or post-production. Ready for the digital magazine & printed publication.

Notice that for printed publication, the editorial has to be previously approved through an official agreement between the magazine and the commercial brand that you attempt to submit with us within our deadlines and season calendar. 

For online submissions, we don’t have conceptual or aesthetic restrictions of contents or masterpieces of each author. We don’t manage specific themes per submission and we encourage all our artists on be innovative on their works. You have unlimited space in editorial creation at the moment on submit with us.

You can update all the files via WeTransfer. Note that we can’t receive editorial submissions, advertising campaigns or creative works without filling out and submitting our interview form. You must also fill out a detailed page with the credits of the whole team, and creatives involved in each production. Such as, fashion designers, fashion stylists, model and management agencies, make up artists & hair stylists, main photographers, locations or studios, creative directors, camera assistants, retouchers, and freelance artists who took part in the creative process. All the list should include complete names, websites and social network with e-mail address of each person involved. This is very important for building our social network with a list of main contributors, and to acquired partnership with future members.

Send us your artworks!
EDITORIALS & Submissions/
[email protected]

[email protected]

Profiles and editor’s letter.

~Briefly, describe how your career began, and your professional experience working in this industry? Growing up, who or what inspired you most to work in this artistic field? When you decided start on this profession?

~What do you consider to be your greatest professional accomplishment? How does art inspire your personal life?. We live very busy lives, when you have free time, what do love to do? Do you have a special place you go to for quite time? Name three places that people should they visit this magical place in their lifetime?

~How would you describe your personality and style?. What are some challenging facets of your job? Name main public figures who have influenced your life and your artistic career?

~Where do you see yourself in five or ten years? What are you most passionate about in this life? What cities in the world do you consider to be the trendsetter for fashion? art? music? and film?

~What pursues and excites you more on a creative level? Talking about your current editorial work, and more specifically about this upcoming submission, how you define your own art & style on this work? Conceptual idea and aesthetic?

~Which elements you would like stand out in this editorial. Which was your ultimate intention after had created this editorial?. Which is the reaction that in general you’re expecting from the audience?.

It is important present to our audience the behind the scenes of all our publications and the conceptual points of view from their own author.

All the cutting edge art & Haute Couture!..

We present a complete immersion into style’s aesthetic with an original editorial design through a stylized platform. Featuring innovators, the artistic visionaries, prestige brands, BEHIND IT Magazine© explores their exhilarating projects and process behind the original creations.

BEHIND IT Magazine© is read by local and a growing national and international audience. Don’t miss your opportunity to be part of our network community! Emerging brands and creative publishers are welcome to be part of our magazine.

Don’t miss your opportunity to be part of our network community!
Emerging brands and creative publishers are welcome to be part of our magazine.
If you would like to contribute, don’t hesitate and submit all your editorial contents and artwork for possible inclusion in future issues.  

& Growing and spreading of our social media by posting and sharing contents released and encouraging new followers on enjoy our membership. 

Note that we don’t assure to our contributors about the immediate release of publishing contents, at less you’re an official and registered member of the magazine. We do not promise backlinks for features submitted. Each featured person is chosen by our editorial team and must meet specific criteria of high quality, exclusivity of the artworks, and include your social network reach, # of twitter followers, FB fans, LinkedIn connections, traffic online and social network assessments. 

Embracing the viewer’s experience through art!
All material posted on BEHIND IT Magazine©, is produced by our team of designers, publishers and associated brands through professionalism and commitment from all our contributors.  

Our current Privacy PolicyTerms of Use & Copyright statements, explains how BEHIND IT Magazine© uses and protects any information that you provide to us when using our website, updating submissions for the online platform or publishing with the extended versions of the magazine. Under special agreements, you can raise your incomes with the magazine by linking advertising campaigns of worldwide brands and direct opportunity of get our commercial partnership.

It’s a pleasure having you as official member!
It’s a pleasure having you as an official member!

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