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All the cutting edge art, movie premiers, behind the scenes and entrepreneurs in film & business industry.

We feature innovators in cinematographic field, worldwide directors, reviews of movie premiers, artistic visionaries and the latest commercial productions, via original editorial design through a stylized platform. 

BEHIND IT Magazine©

Personal stories, profiles, interviews and Creative Director’s artwork!

“A review of the films that keep present for ever in the film history”

With high visual content, excellent quality and an interdisciplinary look, BEHIND IT Magazine© shows in each issue the best in design, creativity, and editorial review, covering topics in film industry such as industrial process and behind then scenes, trailers and movie premiers, showing recognized directors and the review of their previous movies.BEHIND IT Magazine©

“Images touch our hearts and awaken our vision”

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We’ll continue to deliver comprehensive coverage, provocative ideas and a fresh perspective!HIND IT Magazine©

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