Haute Couture & Fashion Designers


Haute Couture & Fashion Designers.
“Colour fur moments”

 The Art of Style!..

We translate style & art in trends for unique costumers! 
Our editorials cover the most pressing interests to readers and exclusive communities
on film, fashion & business enterprises.

BEHIND IT Magazine© celebrates all artists across the globe and delivers the latest trends of the art scene by exploring renowned personalities and innovate commercial productions.

All the cutting edge fashion haute & couture!..

Our Staff, editorial work and board members are spread worldwide!

BEHIND IT Magazine© has a different subject that focuses on a specific type of artist or theme at the center of their creative process and features their lastest publications. With high visual content, excellent quality and an interdisciplinary look, BEHIND IT Magazine© shows in each issue the best in design, creativity, trends and lifestyle in Europe and around the world. 

Ornate expectations with the “masters of sublimity!

+Chic +Fashion +Glamour!

We’re creating a complete and defined glorious universe for life experiences across the art world!.
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