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We offer exposure and advertising space for new artists, young directors and entrepreneurs displayed through an online and printed platform, highlighting the success of film & fashion productions while celebrating the intriguing process of their creations. 

We’re planning to use this trademark exclusively for the intern use of the magazine and promote all these areas into the fashion & film industries. 

We publish interactive digital flip books downloadable onto tablets and smartphones!.
All material posted on BEHIND IT Magazine©, is produced for our team of designers, publishers and associated brands

Web Advertorials – based upon space availability. This is similar to a sponsored post except this can be in the form of an advertisement or an article – there is a flat fee for this type of content and “Advertorial” is clearly stated at the beginning of the article.

Your brand establishes your identify and translates into the compelling ways you communicate and engage consumers with your unique brand, products and services. BEHIND IT Magazine© provides Identity Design Development, Integration and Management. Powerful design and creative content form the tools that help you reach your consumers and deliver your brand message in engaging and innovative ways. Strategy is the road map that establishes your path, direction, and successful destination by maximising brand efficiencies and revenues. Through Evaluation, we assess your brand’s opportunities, challenges, assets, and value proposition, which we carefully convert into a viable Strategy.

We’ll continue to deliver comprehensive coverage, provocative ideas and a fresh perspective!
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With an optimum visual quality and a refined layout, this publication is aimed at a specialized audience that is on a constant search for cutting-edge concepts, stunningly editorials and exclusive interviews. A way to view styles of fashion through aesthetic sensibility and visual poetry.

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All material posted on BEHIND IT Magazine©, is produced for our team of designers, publishers and associated brands .

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It’s a pleasure having you as an official member!

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