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 The Art of Style!..

We understand the importance of innovation.. it is the most beautiful act of the universe!

From entertainment to world affairs, business to style, design to society, BEHIND IT Magazine© is aimed to be a cultural epicenter. A magazine that provokes and drives an aesthetic experience to the spectator. With its unique mix of stunning photography, in-depth publishing, BEHIND IT Magazine© accelerates ideas and images to center stage. We offer strategic messaging, special development and image-making initiatives support your brand identity and create public awareness, brand endorsement, and mainstream viability. Distinguishing leadership from management, leading from the promise of your brand, inspiration, as the key to moving your people forward.

We’re planning to use this trademark exclusively for the intern use of the magazine and promote all these areas into the fashion & film industries. All material posted on BEHIND IT Magazine©, is produced for our own team of designers, publishers and brands associated.

All the cutting edge fashion haute & couture!..

Engagement! Increasing audience! Acceptation & Confidence! Average monthly visits… & Much More!

With high visual content, excellent quality and an interdisciplinary look, BEHIND IT Magazine© shows in each issue the best in design, creativity, trends and lifestyle in Europe and around the world. Covering topics such as industrial and graphic design, clothing, interior, architecture, audiovisual, illustration, photography, film, fashion & advertising. Through Evaluation, we assess your brand’s opportunities, challenges, assets, and value proposition, which we carefully convert into a viable Strategy. 

“Our print & online teams are focused on creating cross-channel editorial content that not only engages audiences, but reaches them at all times of the day”.

What people want to see!..

We’ll continue to deliver comprehensive coverage, bold, provocative ideas and a fresh perspective that is distinctively BEHIND IT Magazine©.

Masters of sublimity!


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